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Know The Side Effects Of Excess Fluoride In Drinking Water

Though fluoride in water is harmless and necessary for our body, excess fluoride consumption can lead to various health issues. You can avoid those by installing a fluoride removal filter. They can effectively remove excess metal from water with a combination of absorption and chemical reaction. The water passes through various stages so that you can consume it with complete peace of mind.

If you want to reap all benefits offered by a fluoride removal filter, choose a leading supplier like Dewpure. All products are manufactured following the industry-set standards so you can have complete peace of mind. With a high-quality fluoride removal filter installed on your property, you can avoid the side effects of excess fluoride.

Avoid The Side-Effects Of Excess Fluoride Stated Below By Installing A Flouride Removal Filter

  1. Someone consuming high levels of fluoride every day will have a lower IQ level.
  2. Studies have shown that there is a relation between high blood pressure and water with excess fluoride.
  3. Excess fluoride not only impacts one’s teeth and bones but even the development of the brain in young children. If a child is exposed to high fluoride before birth, it might lead to poor cognitive outcomes.
  4. Though excess fluoride won’t cause seizures, it can increase risks for seizure sufferers. It is advisable to keep track on the water quality if you are prone to seizures. If required, you can install a fluoride removal filter.
  5. Drinking water with excess fluoride can lead to browned or yellowed teeth. You can prevent tooth discolouration with regular brushing.
  6. You might have to undergo internal fluoride treatment if you fail to install a fluoride removal filter on your property at the right time. One of the common side effects of the treatment is its impact on your appearance. Fluoroderma caused by regular fluoride intake can also lead to acne or painful sores.
  7. It can damage one’s skeletal system and make one suffer from endemic skeletal fluorosis.
  8. Excess fluoride can also weaken tooth enamel and affect children at the age of teeth development.

If you want to drink safe and clean water and avoid the side effects of excess fluoride stated above, get in touch with a reputable supplier of fluoride removal filters.


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