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In the field of water management systems, there are very few companies that have the knowledge, expertise and the experience to offer best services and Dew Pure is one of the bests that satisfies each and every requirement of the users. We have been offering efficient water treatment plants and chemicals since the inception point. Our speciality is to deliver best results as per the needs of the client.

We have a wide range of products including Iron Removal Plant, packaged drinking water plant, Multi-grade Sand Filter, Dual Media Filters, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Softener, Sewage Treatment Plant, DM Plant and also Swimming pool Filtration. For the smooth running of the water treatment plants, we make sure that there is absolutely no kind of trouble from the user’s side in order to find the refill chemicals and hence, we deliver treated Carbon, Sand, Green sand etc.

To make sure that the quality is never compromised; our experts monitor the product development stages thoroughly for a fault-free result. This brings the faith of our huge clientele on us and builds such a strong goodwill in the market. We always strive to come up with solutions and products that are customized as per the requirements and demands of our clients. Our range of products is available at extremely reasonable and affordable prices.

Our Sewage Water Treatment Plants and Recycle uses the BOD, COD and TSS to reduce the pollution from the residential and commercial buildings, in order to comply with the pollution control board. We use Latest FAB and SAFF treatment for the suppression of foaming tendencies. To remove the organics, we use Activated Carbon Filter, Multi media Sand Filter and also a dose of alum as the coagulant. This follows the chlorination and the storage. Both for the commercial and residential buildings we have the best RCC constructed designs and Mild Steel FRP Lined and Fibre constructed tanks. This assured an easy installation.

Available from 50 M3 per day to 1000 M3 per day and more, our systems can be used for car washing, flushing etc. our highly qualified team of expert professionals always strive to bring the maximum efficiency to the results and meet the need of the clients. Each one of our plants is designed keeping the demands and the requirements of our clientele in mind and we always take pride in our support for delivering you the most efficient services. We are a team of extremely zealous and enthusiastic team of professionals for whom quality is of prime importance.

Not only in manufacturing the tasks, but also in delivering the highly efficient and innovative solutions to the various troubles and problems related to the functionality of the plants, our staffs leave no stones unturned. We always maintain the guidelines rigorously and never fail to maintain the quality as per the industry accepted standards. For us, our clients are of prime importance and we do everything for their satisfaction. For any requirements and confirmation regarding the products, you can contact us anytime. We are happy to help you.

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