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Water is our life. Drinking pure water is necessary to live a healthy life every day. Keeping this in mind, at Dew Pure, we manufacture effective reverse osmosis plants for both residential and commercial purposes.

We design and manufacture reverse osmosis plants that can effectively treat all types of unpurified forms of water. Whether it’s the tap water, seawater or industrial waters - our plants are an answer to all sources of unpurified water.

Your body deserves the purest form of everything - that’s why trust Dew Pure to purify your water sources.

We use advanced technologies and high-end materials to manufacture reverse osmosis plants. We keep the price of the RO plant within affordability so that anyone can buy it. Do you need a RO for your house? Contact Dew Pure for the best product at the most economical rate.

Our product range is also acknowledged in the market because of its versatility. If you are planning to buy a manual, semi-automatic or automatic RO plant, get in touch with Dew Pure today.

How does reverse osmosis work? We often hear this question from our customers. For the ignorant ones, reverse osmosis is a technologically proven process of forcing the solvents from the water using semipermeable membranes. The solvents pass on from a high solute concentration to a lower one.

We build the reverse osmosis plants in this manner and use dense polymer barrier layers for separating the solvent from the solute. Remember that the process will not occur naturally; rather, it is created with pressure.

Dew Pure offers nothing but safety to your health. Dew Pure is not only business-centric, but it cares about its customer base more than any other company dealing with RO plants in the market. Considering the high demand of Reverse Osmosis Plant in the market, Dew Pure brings the most efficient RO plants for your safety concerns. Dew Pure promises the safety of your near and dear ones where all equipment speaks with a touch of love and care.

  1. Powder coating on the frame
  2. Multistage high-pressure pump of stainless steel
  3. Pressure switches - high and low
  4. Variable flow meters
  5. High rejection membrane filters
  6. Control panel with microprocessor monitoring
  7. High quality pressure gauge
  1. A service life which is longer than most of its peers.
  2. Absolutely high performance, heavy duty, lightweight, and low maintenance.
  3. Compact designed that can filter out ions and contaminants with efficiency.
  4. Contains membranes that can clean themselves.
  5. Fitted to high pressure pumps so that fluid flow is adequate.
  6. Powerful enough to reject particles of various molecular weights.
  7. Can resist corrosion and wear and tear to a significant extent.

Purification of water is the primary necessity of life for a healthy living. This is why people are more interested in the quality of the water treatment system than the price of Reverse Osmosis Plant. There are various techniques involved in purification and filtration of water. One such popular technique is the reverse osmosis process. This is a popular water purification technique used in many industries. For removal of molecules and ions from any solution this process is considered as a premium choice.

To remove effluent materials and salt from sea water this technology is outstanding. In industries, to process the sea water into purified drinking water this technique is used. Hence, it is an important part of the water management system. We at Dew pure are very much aware of the market demand of this technology.

Thus, we have involved ourselves into offering wide range of superior quality reverse osmosis plant all over the country and the price of our RO Plant is quite affordable. This manufacturing plant serves the purpose of removing the unwanted particles from water using membrane technology. We are widely appreciated in the industry for the affordable price of reverse osmosis plant. High amount of energy is used by this plant. Still it is considered as an important water purification technique.

Reverse osmosis filters contaminants like microbiological organisms, viruses, and bacteria from the water. The reverse osmosis process utilises high-pressure pumps to enhance the pressure on the concentrated side of the reverse osmosis plant.

These pumps make the water pass through a semi-permeable membrane. Its degree of effectiveness is dependent on the degree of pressure. If the pressure is higher, the outcomes will be better. Let’s have a look at the steps of RO Plant’s working cycle:

  • Step 1:Water is fed to the pump. The sand filter present in the pump eliminates suspended particles from water.
  • Step 2:The water passes through the activated carbon filter for dichlorination.
  • Step 3:Thereafter, the water goes through a micron cartridge filter for filtration.
  • Step 4:After the above processes, a high-pressure pump forces the water into the RO membranes.
  • Step 5:The dissolved particles are unable to pass through the RO membrane. Onlyclean water succeeds in passing through the membranes.
  • Step 6:The pure water goes through the RO product line. On the contrary, the contaminated water passes through the reject or recycle line.

Our high-end RO plants are designed with the utmost precision. These reverse osmosis plants perform all the above steps and guarantee 100% clean and safe water under all circumstances.

The machine is applicable to a variety of purposes. At Dew Pure, we fabricate reverse osmosis plant in Kolkata that can serve a large chunk of these applications. The list includes:

The processing and purification of packaged drinking water.

Purification of water and wastewater.

Different applications in the food industry, especially those relevant to beverages.

Liquid products required for car washing.

Production of Hydrogen.

Usage in scientific infrastructures and laboratories.

Establishing reef aquariums.

Not only do we claim to offer premium-quality commercial reverse osmosis plants at affordable prices but also ensure to use high-grade membrane materials and spare parts. Each of them is designed and manufactured by the most qualified engineers our industry has to offer. Discuss your requirements with us and we will suggest the best model within your budget. You will get uninterrupted supply of clean and safe water in your commercial premise. A majority of the models comes with a high warranty period so you can use them for years to come with complete peace of mind.

Easy installation, operation and maintenance of our Reverse Osmosis Plants have helped us outshine our peers. We provide a manual with the system. Low-cost maintenance, easy fitting, and affordable prices are unique features of our RO systems. If you don’t want to hire an installer, choose a simple model and follow the step-by-step installation manual. A majority of our water treatment plants don’t require any additional hardware. The components in the system are simple so you can understand the working mechanism. Get in touch with us to know more about the installation process or if any issue arises in the RO system.

From a long time we have a good market hold of this manufacturing plant. Our experts are well versed and well learned in producing machines that are first rated in the industry. The professionals working with us have a terrific level of commitment and dedication to deliver the best. You can rely on us as we have benchmarked our brand as of highest quality. Featuring products which are an essential element of the entire reverse osmosis plant is available under one roof. We are widely appreciated by our clients for the reasonable price of RO plant.

Thus, we offer a package of complete solution that is affirming for the smooth operation of the plant. In today's world the sector of water purification technology is a champion choice for making a good business. So we are here for intelligent leaders in the industry who are searching for culminating quality of reverse osmosis plant in India. We use the most updated technology to deliver the latest and upgraded machinery. This makes the operation part very convenient reducing the contribution of manual labour to the minimum. Thus, the job is done at a good speed.

If you want to know what makes our products so efficient, get in touch with our team of marketing professionals. Not only will they help you choose the right water treatment plant according to your requirements but also let you know its features in details. If you have any query regarding the Reverse Osmosis plant you are installing, they are ready to answer those. We are quite confident about the quality of our plants and have a track record of satisfying hundreds of clients across the globe. Visit our website and you will know what makes us one of the leading suppliers of Reverse Osmosis plants in India.

We also provide the images and specifications of our plants. Do visit our online catalogue and be astonished by the genius nature of our machines. So no second thought is required while making a deal with us. We also offer our products at an unbelievable price. Our existing clientele is highly satisfied with our products. The installation service is also provided by our most efficient employee. The installation process comes easy and quick by our experts. So let your business flourish with the most trusted brand.

We can provide you with not one but a plethora of reasons to choose Dew Pure for Reverse Osmosis Plants over any other company.

  1. Dew Pure comes with a more extended warranty period than other companies dealing in Reverse Osmosis Plant
  2. Reverse Osmosis Plants from Dew Pure consists of high-quality parts which are capable of purifying even the dirtiest water to drinking water.
  3. We not only deal with small scale demands but also set up RO plants in large scale.
  4. You can get the best Reverse Osmosis Plants at the most affordable price in the market from only Dew Pure
  5. No other company can provide more efficient workers and installers of Reverse Osmosis Plants than Dew Pure.
  6. Our products require low maintenance and also have a lightweight which is easy to carry around.

Besides the above points, you should be aware of the fact that no other RO plant separates the unnecessary ions and molecules from impure water as efficiently as Dew Pure. Without much hesitation, contact Dew Pure today!

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