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Dew Pure is the absolute name to trust on if you are looking for any water softener plant in Kolkata. We know the hazards of using hard water on oneself; hence we have taken the initiation of providing soft waters to the city of joy for a healthy lifestyle. Water contains different elements and particles in it. Sometimes it contains the ions of calcium and magnesium to a great extent. And this causes in the hardness of the water that makes the water absolutely unsuitable for use. Therefore, softening of the water is a very important factor and hence we have become the one of the leading names in the city as the water softener plant in Kolkata, who has brought amazing water softening solutions for your need. Our plants use very easy and simple technology that can precipitate the ions in the water that scale it at extremely low temperature and pressure. Each and every one of our plants use one common technology where the ions causing the hardness in the water, that are the calcium and magnesium ions, are exchanged with the sodium ions from the resin group. Hence, it is a reversible process where no complex technology is used.

Our water softening plants are very useful for a wide usage. We have a huge clientele from various industries that is always in need for water. From the different food processing and beverage making plants and industries where there is a constant need for water, to the various institutes, water is absolutely necessary. Not only in these places, but also in the hospitals, hotels and restaurants and even in the residential complexes, wherever the hard water is present, it needs to be softened in order to be used. At our plant, we specialise in manufacturing the best water softener plant in India that our esteemed clients are always in need for.

  1. Glassware, tiles, cars, silverware, mirrors and other plumbing fixtures will become shinier and cleaner.
  2. You don’t have to worry about excess iron in hard water damaging your hair.
  3. Bad water won’t make your skin rough or accelerate hair fall.
  4. There will be less soap curd so you don’t have to waste your time to remove it.
  5. You will need less water to wash off soap or remove shampoo lather from your hand.
  6. Clothes will become softer as hard minerals won’t get trapped inside the fabric.
  7. Hard water won’t make your white clothes dingy gray.
  8. Your clothes fabrics will last longer as you don’t have to wash them frequently.
  9. The lifespan or durability of all the water appliances like ice makers, water heaters, coffee machines, dishwashers and laundry equipment will increase.
  10. You can save a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.

The simple working mechanism of our water softener plants has made us one of the leading manufacturers. It works through the ion exchange process which helps in getting rid of excess magnesium and calcium from the water. Hard water flows through spherical resin beads in the mineral tank. The plastic beads are charged with a sodium ion while the resin beads have a negative charge. The calcium and magnesium minerals act as cations as they have a positive charge. The positive charge of the resin beads gets attracted to the negative charge of the minerals. The beads attract the mineral ions and remove them from water.

  1. The mineral tank
  2. The control valve
  3. The brink tank
  1. Correctly position the softener by connecting the inlet to the water supply.
  2. Prevent leaks during the installation process by turning off the water supply to your house.
  3. Measure and cut the pipes before connecting them to the water softener.
  4. Securely clamp the drain hose before feeding it into the dedicated drain.
  5. Prevent the brink tank from flooding and overflowing by connecting a few overflow tubes.

The procedures we use to remove hardness from water differ from one water softening plant to another. Since maintaining the plant can become a challenge is complicated technology is used, we design our plants with easy but effective technology. The objective is to ensure comfortable usage and maintenance. Visit Dew Pure and you can choose from a wide range of plants according to the flow of soft water you require, flexibility in the resin quantities and ease of operation.

At our company of manufacturing the best water softener plant in India, we deliver high quality machines at and a variety of cost effective models. We design the machines as per the requirements of our clients and make sure that their needs are taken care of. Each and every one of our plants has a long functioning life and consumes extremely low amount of salt, making it absolutely useful for the users to enjoy its utility for long. Even these plants can be upgraded at any point of time for an even better output. We guarantee that there is no better option available in Kolkata that can give you such ease and comfort of using these plants and also enjoy the service and repair helps.

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