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Dew Pure is a company and name to reckon in the industry of packaged drinking water plants. Water is a necessity of life. We cannot survive without water. Drinking pure water, which is free from bacteria’s and germs in very essential. This requirement of safe and healthy drinking water has increased the demand of packaged drinking water in India. Today the market is crowded with packaged water from different companies. These are available in various packets like tetra pack, small plastic pouches and bottles. But, Packaged water in bottles is in much demand, unlike the rest. So, if you are looking for any Packaged Drinking Water Plants in India, you know Dew Pure is the name you should trust on.

  1. Mostly when people are out of their home at any public place, purchasing of packaged water is commonly seen to quench the thirst.
  2. When on a vacation or business trip we only trust sealed packaged water.
  3. When the weather is sultry and you need water immediately.
  4. When you don't feel safe drinking the water from the tap.

However, the purification and packaging both requires a vast set-up of machines that will do the job effortlessly. We have been in this business from years offering a superb range of plant system for preparing the packaged drinking water. Our manufacturing unit is outstanding, dedicated in serving the clients with only what is best. We have been able to gather a renowned recognition from our customers throughout the world.

There are many benefits of drinking from the packaged water bottles, as firstly they assure the quality check and manufacturing process in the water plants. And, some of the advantages are here listed below:

  1. Packaged drinking will help you to lose weight
  2. This will improve the bone quality of your body
  3. The water will also lower your blood pressure
  4. This will keep a firm check on the LDL Cholesterol
  5. It helps in aiding indigestion
  6. Has a great influence over the muscle performance
  7. Maintains the electrolyte balance of the body
  8. Reduces the kidney stone risk
  9. Detoxifies your skin
  10. Helps in breaking down the waste materials and clean the body from inside
  11. Relives oneself from any pain or aches in joints

Standardized equipments affirming guaranteed quality satisfaction is what we aim at. Our team of professionals is culminating in designing the equipments meeting the demands of every packaged drinking water project in Kolkata. Brainstorming innovative ideas and then putting it on paper has become effortless for our staff. Our unit is a prominent name in the water management industry. While designing our equipments we make sure that the entire process of packaging is taken into consideration. Before the packaging work is done many important process has to be followed. There are many companies in the water industry but when it comes to the packaged drinking water plant in kolkata, Dew Pure earns it name by providing utmost quality and stable growth.

These are done to purify the water from harmful impurities and make it crystal clear. The techniques used in this process are many. Ultraviolet Sterilization is one common method used in many units. To remove stable and unstable impurities deionization, ozonation and reverse osmosis is done. So components required in such process also become an integral part of the packaged drinking water plant in India. Before the onset of the packaging process, the container whether it is the bottle or the plastic pouches, both has to be made germs free. So the packaging plant prioritizes the process of sterilization of the containers.

  1. Our equipments provided by our units undergo severe quality check
  2. We work with approved equipments
  3. Machines with lesser production rates are discarded
  4. We offer supreme quality in the manufacturing of water
  5. Smooth operation and functioning is assured from our products at all times
  6. We also provide guarantee on certain components for some specific time period
  7. Our rates are the most reasonable in the industry keeping the standard of quality high

For more information you may contact us or call us now at 9681499444 to get free quotation and suggestion.

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