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Know About the Harmful Effects of Arsenic in Water

Presently, we are suffering from a global crisis of drinking water. There is a high level of pollution in water sources caused by chemical contamination. Global warming has caused other water areas to dry up.

This is why the authorities are setting up many water treatment plants by consulting the arsenic removal plant manufacturer. These plants use advanced methods of treating dirty water by eliminating contaminants. They use a filtration system to remove high doses of arsenic content in water. This way, you can ensure a steady supply of drinking water to different localities. the plants process the groundwater to remove arsenic content for safe consumption.

About Arsenic

Arsenic is a natural compound present in the groundwater. In its organic form, it is toxic for consumption. If you use this contaminated water for drinking, cooking, and farming, it becomes a bigger threat to public life. Long term exposure to arsenic causes diseases like cancer, skin lesions etc. People suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Early childhood exposure to arsenic has a negative impact on their cognitive development. Slowly, its effects spread to the entire community. People start noticing a significant decline in their health because of the higher arsenic content in water.

Effects of Arsenic in Drinking Water

The immediate symptom that you can notice after arsenic exposure is arsenic poisoning. You can suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

Skin cancer is another long-term effect as research studies say that arsenic in drinking water is carcinogenic to human health. High levels of inorganic arsenic cause pigmentation, skin lesions and hyperkeratosis or hardening of the foot soles. It is also a leading cause of ingestion, pulmonary disease, Black-Foot disease, and malnutrition.

The magnitude of the problem differs from area to area. It depends on the level of arsenic content in groundwater. The signs of long term elevated arsenic exposure differs according to varying population groups.

The Role of Water Treatment Plants in Arsenic Removal

  1. It produces safe water for drinking and other uses
  2. The operatives use the latest techniques of removing impurities from water
  3. The advanced use of filtration systems removes iron, arsenic and turbidity from the water.
  4. You can notice no alteration in the natural taste of water.
  5. It arranges safe water supply to different localities
  6. There are no recurring expenses on health problems.
  7. You can stay away from diseases
  8. You protect the environment from harmful components

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