How does a pet blow moulding machine works effectively?

Pet blow Moulding Machine

How does a pet blow moulding machine works effectively?

A pet blow moulding machine is an intelligent automatic device used by plastic bottle mould manufacturers to produce pet bottles in large quantities. Companies widely prefer these machines because of their unique functionality, durability, quick process and quality. They are available in automatic or semi-automatic forms, and some machines can manufacture up to 1400 bottles every hour. To know more about the working process of the pet blow moulding machine, read on.

Working principle of Pet blow moulding machine

The blowing process is divided into two parts: preheating and blow moulding. The initial stage in false the preheating process, where the material enters the infrared tube and passes through a chain of the heating process. To keep the diameter of the bottle tapped, the mouth of the bottle is generally not heated as heat may cause the diameter to either expand or contract.

Once the bottle passes through the preheating condition, it is taken out of the oven and left at room temperature to be cooled down. As the heat from the bottle evaporates, the temperature brings the diameter of the bottle back to normal, and the bottom of the bottle becomes thin in texture.

Then the bottle is entered into the moulding clamp device for blowing. A stretching rod in the clamping device stretches the bottom of the bottle upwards to a certain degree and blows the gas inside. This process helps to form the pet bottle instantly, one at a time.

Why is a pet blow moulding machine used?

This machine can produce bottles of different sizes and shapes. You will find the usage of this machine commonly in the beverage industry. It is used to produce soda, juice, sports drinks, and other beverage bottles. To make a pet bottle from the blow moulding machine, a perform is inserted into the same. This type of hollow plastic is fitted into the machine, which is preheated as mentioned in the process above.

Since the heating process is involved, the shape can be created as per the marketer's need and the Desire of the marketer. Pet bottles created from good quality pet blow moulding machines are generally robust and reusable. Hence, the beverage industry must create large quantities of defect-free pet waters.

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