Why Are Fluoride Removal Filters Necessary in Every Household?

Why Are Fluoride Removal Filters Necessary in Every Household?

Fluoride Removal Filter

Why Are Fluoride Removal Filters Necessary in Every Household?

With the advancement in technology, every other water filter you get in the market helps remove fluoride content from the water. For instance, you can also get refrigerator water filters that will directly remove fluoride from drinking water. With the help of a reverse osmosis filtration system, the fluoride content is removed from the drinking water. This RO system removes around 90% of the fluoride from the water. Thus, a fluoride removal filter is common in every household nowadays.

However, many are still unaware of the consequences of the toxicity of fluoride content in the water. For them, the necessity of the filters is also still being determined. Read on to learn more about the disadvantages of fluoride and the necessity of using fluoride removal filters.

What is fluoride?

Fluorides are a combination of fluoride and other types of metals. In all types of water, you’ll find fluoride. Consumption of fluoride-based water tends to get the same collection in the calcium-rich parts like the bones and the teeth of the human body. Moreover, the mineral enters the body through the digestive system and gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Why is fluoride harmful to our health?

Consumption of too much fluoride will cause health problems. Parathyroid glands are generally destroyed in people who consume too much fluoride. Thus the parathyroid hormones get released as soon as the glands are destroyed. This increases the calcium content in the blood, which is transferred from the bones to the blood.

This, in turn, damages the teeth and bones of the body. A disease known as fluorosis occurs commonly due to the overconsumption of fluoride. In the long run, this damages the joints and teeth and causes infection.

Why are fluoride water filters important?

Fluoridation is an effective and safe process. Some people believe that boiling the water will help to remove fluorides. However, this is scientifically untrue. Proper fluoride water filters remove the harmful fluoride content from the water, and good minerals are retained. However, fluoride filters generally remove 90% of the fluoride content while the rest 10% remains in the water. This 10% content is necessary as fluoride forms a link with teeth and prevents the tooth from decaying.

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