What is the Working Process of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

What is the Working Process of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

What is the Working Process of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

While drinking mineral water, many times, you must have given thought to the way the process works in a packaged drinking water plant. A refreshing glass of water is a boon. It takes a complete mechanism through which the packaged drinking water is produced. We only get to see the result, which has been packed in the bottle and sealed to keep the purity of the water intact.

The duty of the package drinking water plants is to collect raw water from unlimited sources like lakes, rivers, and whales and turn them into tasty and pure forms of water through diversified processes and Technological interventions.

Next time when you drink this pure form of water, you can recollect the process. Here are a few steps of purifying water in a packaged drinking water plant.

How does a packaged drinking water plant work?

Collection of the water sources

Before the treatment begins, the water plants are connected to unlimited water sources. Typically the drinking water used in the package order drinking water plant is taken from lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, underground wells and other underground water sources.

Screening of the debris and particles

In the next step, the screening of the collected water takes place. These waters are taken from natural sources; hence they contain leaves, sticks, animal debris and even fish floating inside them. During the screening process, the water passes through different screening panels where the materials and the debris are separated and removed from the water.

Process of coagulation and flocculation

Once the big particles are removed from the water, unseen soluble dust and clay are mixed with the water, making it cloudy. The coagulation process includes using chemicals like Aluminium Sulphate and ferric chloride to remove such tiny particles from the water. In the next step, along with this flocculation, The water takes place where it gets gently mixed with the flocs and grows larger.

Process of sedimentation

Now comes the process of sedimentation, where the flocs are broken down to let them settle. In this process, the water flows through a sedimentation basin and gradually settles into town at the bottom. This is the final process where the clear or water is separated and removed.

Process of filtration In the filtration process, you will closely examine the crystal clear water put into the package drinking bottles. Nearly most of the part of the process is completed in this step. Only minor impurities and particles are removed to make them drinkable.

Process of disinfection

The process of disinfection is one of the most important steps where the microorganisms are killed, and the water is completely purified. In this process, either UV light treatment or chlorine is used for disinfection. The disinfection process is essential as, with the same, the water is purified completely.

Process of water storage and distribution

This is the final stage, where the safe and clean water is packaged into bottles and distributed across the markets. The treated water is generally stored in separate tanks with disinfection layers in them and distributed to homes and offices through pipes.

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