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What is the Difference Between Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water?

Water is a vital component required by the human body. Even animals and plants thrive on water consumption. It is imperative to consume safe drinking water to not suffer from diseases. Since we do not drink water directly from the source, it comes in other accessible forms. You can buy mineral water or packaged drinking water. This is because it is no longer safe to drink tap water because of pollution.

The water is processed in the mineral Packaged Drinking Water Plant to eliminate all contaminants. This way, it is rendered safe and healthy for drinking purposes.

The preparation of the packaged drinking water happens in the water plant. The water is cleaned and disinfected either through filtration, ozone or UV treatment. Sometimes the process of reverse osmosis is also applied for effective results. Now they collect the water and put them inside packed bottles for sale. You can also get this water in the form of packed pouches. They will seal the packet after it has undergone the distillation process. This water is usually sourced from the spring, well or any drilled water source. It is portable to carry and convenient to drink.

What is Mineral Water?

Mineral water is a type of water safe for drinking. It contains minerals and dissolved substances like gas, sulphur, compounds and salt. It also comprises natural and synthetic minerals added to the water in correct proportions. You can derive this water from underground reservoirs mineral springs. They wcontain more minerals than normal tap water.

Mineral water has 250 parts per million of dissolved salts. It is as recommended and agreed upon by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The experts cannot add other kinds of minerals without approval.


There are some major points which differential packaged drinking water from mineral water.


Mineral water comes with a distinct flavour, similar to fresh, natural water because of the mineral content. Therefore, the flavour of packaged drinking water varies because of the source from where the water is obtained.


Bottled water plants use different treatment processes. It goes through electromagnetic radiation, distillation, filtration, sedimentation etc. On the other hand, mineral water undergoes natural filtration and coagulation processes. Bottled drinking water is filtrated chemically.


Preparing packaged drinking water is expensive since the water is treated via various processes. Mineral water is affordable and cheaper than the former. This is because the production process is natural.

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