What are The Side Effects Of Consuming Fluoride-Based Water?


What are The Side Effects Of Consuming Fluoride-Based Water?

Fluoride is naturally found in soil, water, and foods. It comes from fluorine which is a natural element. It is added to various dental products or drugs. However, excessive intake of fluoride can affect your health adversely. It can even damage bones and joints and cause dental or skeletal fluorosis. We suggest installing a fluoride removal filter in your home to avoid such risks.

Why Should You Not Consume Water High in Fluoride Content?

Dental Fluorosis:

Consumption of high fluoride concentrations during childhood when teeth are developing can cause mild dental fluorosis. There will be tiny white streaks or specks in the tooth enamel. Though this doesn’t affect your dental health, it can cause discolouration of teeth. Using fluoride-free water to make up formula milk for infants or even for breastfeeding mothers can protect children from fluorosis.

Skeletal Fluorosis:

Excessive fluoride exposure can cause a bone disease called skeletal fluorosis. This can cause severe pain over the years and damage joints and bones. The risk of fractures also increases as the bones become hardened and less elastic. This condition can also cause impaired joint mobility if the bones thicken and bone tissue accumulates.

Thyroid Problems:

Excessive fluoride can damage the parathyroid gland in some cases. This can cause hyperparathyroidism, which leads to the uncontrolled secretion of parathyroid hormones. This can cause calcium depletion in bone structures and higher-than-normal calcium concentrations in the blood. Lower calcium concentrations in bones make them more vulnerable to fractures.

Neurological Problems:

Some reports suggest that exposure to fluoride before childbirth can result in poorer cognitive consequences in the future. Fluoride is also considered a neurotoxin harmful to child development.

Other Health Problems associated with Fluoride Consumption: It can also contribute to several other health issues:

  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Reproductive problems like lower fertility, early puberty in girls
  • Cardiovascular issues that include arteriosclerosis and arterial calcification, myocardial damage, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, and heart failure
  • Bone cancer, osteoarthritis, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Acute exposure to fluoride can also result in abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, excessive saliva, seizures and muscle spasms.

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