What Are The Different Types of Fluoride Removal Filters?

What Are The Different Types of Fluoride Removal Filters?

Fluoride Removal Filter

What Are The Different Types of Fluoride Removal Filters?

Contamination of fluoride in water is dangerous for our health. Previously, with the process of fluoridation, a certain level of fluoride was added to the drinking water to reduce tooth cavities. However, the benefits of fluoride in drinking water are less compared to the health issues that continuous fluoride consumption can bring about.

Since there is no control over the dosage of fluoride being put into the water, overconsumption degrades health. Fluoride causes imminent damage to the brain and nervous system. It is proven that continuous fluoride consumption is causing deterioration in the IQ level of human beings.

Hence, the need for fluoride removal filters has become increasingly important nowadays. Here are a few commercially and domestically fluoride removal filters used to remove fluoride from drinking water.

Four common types of fluoride removal water filters

Reverse osmosis filters

In these filters, reverse pressure filtration is used to eliminate the fluoride and other contaminants from the water. This is one of the most successful water filters. The reverse osmosis process successfully removes around 95% of the contaminants and particles from the water. However, if you plan to buy an RO water filter for your house, it can cost you a fortune. Commercially used RO plants are affordable and can remove around 90% of the particles from the water.

De-ionisation filters

These filters work similarly to the distillation process. Compared to the RO process, the de-ionisation filters are slow. It removes most ions from the water and can successfully eliminate the fluoride from the water. These filters require frequent cartridge changes and must be maintained properly. If the cartridge is not changed timely and the maintenance is not done properly, there will be a risk of fluoride remaining in the water.

Whole house filters

The whole-house filters are designed to provide healthy drinking water extracted from the well and purified for drinking water. Whole house filters are large enough and work faster compared to the other forms of filters.

Activated alumina filters

You can also opt for filters with activated charcoal cartridges. The activated charcoal granules generally absorb all the fluoride and other content of the water and clear up the same. However, in this filter, when the water is purified, there is a high chance that the pH level of the water goes down. This filter effectively clears up the water by 97% or more

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