Things You Should Know About Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Things You Should Know About Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Things You Should Know About Pet Blow Moulding Machine

The use of pet bottles has increased over the years. Whether it's food, beverages or even the drug, it has gone deep into every part of people's lives. But have you ever considered how these pet bottles are produced with different shapes and functions? The answer is a Pet blow moulding machine. Here are some more facts about this equipment you should know.

Know Interesting Facts about Pet Blow Moulding Machine

What is Pet Blow Moulding Machine?

This is a production machine used to make bottles of different shapes and sizes. The bottle blower blows air into the heated bottle and preform on the basis of the applied air pressure. Then it is shaped using a particular Pet bottle mould wrapped around it.

Production Process of the Pet Blow Moulding Machine

  • The first step involves pre-heating. The preformed body of the pet bottle is heated to an ideal moulding temperature. Then the inner and outer walls of the preform body were heated uniformly. There is no requirement for heating as the bottle mouth is stereotyped. Hence, the bottle mouth must be cooled during preform body heating.

  • The second step involves blowing the bottle. The evenly heated bottle preform is then sent into the bottle blow mould via the chain. The aseptic high-pressure gas is blown into the bottle preform with the middle of the mandrel for circumferential stretching to inflate it close to the mould wall and then cooled.

  • The third step involves demoulding. The machine starts exhausting and de-moulding after blowing the bottle.

  • The fourth step is "transmit". The moulded pet bottle is then sent to the next bottle station with the conveyor belt. It is taken out and blown out using the lower cylinder.

Key Advantages of Pet Blow Moulding Machine

  • Flexible:
This machine can produce different types of bottles using different moulds, enhancing the flexibility and mobility of the production line.

  • High-Speed Production:
It can increase production capacity massively.

  • Stable Quality:
This machine helps maintain the unity and stability of product quality on a large scale. Buying it from a reliable supplier or manufacturer is equally important to get the most out of this machine.

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