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The Step By Step Method of Packaged Mineral Water Processing

There is a looming crisis of drinking water all over the world. The lack of freshwater bodies has made it difficult to cater to the rising per capita water consumption. This is why more water treatment plants are being set up. It purifies safe and healthy water for community consumption. You should check the price of the mineral water plant before installing it.

The Method of Mineral Water Production


Water purification is the first and primary step in every plant. The water comes from external sources and passes through a separate unit. This water gets stored inside the stainless tanks. In the mineral water plant, it goes to the bottling section. Part of the process follows other methods like rinsing, filling and capping. Once it is over, the unit fills, rinses and screw the bottle cap. The bottle is ready for labelling and packing.

Step-by-Step Process

They draw water from the underground resource using the motor pumps. The water goes straight into the reservoir added chemical coagulants. To remove the settled and suspended particles, they sterilize the water using chlorine or other oxidants. It kills harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.

For higher levels of purification, the use of activated carbon works wonders. It absorbs all dissolved pollutants and impurities from the water. The water contains little amounts of suspended solid particles.

Filtration is the next step. There is the sand filtration system which gives good final results. Then comes water softening. The water passes through a tank filled with sodium ions. It has resin pellets that fasten the procedure. The method is the ion exchange method. The filtering system repeats if the water contains some amount of micro pollutants.

Techniques Used in the Purification Plants

  • Ultra Violet rays to purify water The water passes through a container with UV rays. It destroys viruses and bacteria. It produces no toxic by-products, no bad odour and improves the water taste. The method does not affect the mineral content of the water.
  • Deionizers and Water Softeners The Deionizers use Cation and Anion exchange to demineralize the water. It does not remove uncharged compounds; rather, it produces pure water safe for drinking. Dewpure Engineering Private Limited build mineral water plants of the highest quality. They are well-equipped with the latest water treatment solutions, aiming to meet unique client needs. The mineral water plants recycle wastewater and do effluent treatment. The water production happens after following quality assurance. This is how they have established a reputable name in the industry.


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