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Know In Details About the Water Fluoridation Treatment

Water Fluoridation is a controlled treatment where fluoride is added to the water or public supply tanks. It has proven benefits to prevent tooth decay. One adjusts The fluoride levels to avoid cavities and other tooth issues. The Fluoride Removal Plant manufacturer does the treatment effectively to avoid strain on human health.

Amount of Fluoride Recommended

The community standards recommend 0.7 milligrams of fluoride in the drinking water. In many cases, this is proven to cause dental fluorosis. It starts showing in the form of enamel fluorosis or under-developed teeth. The Fluoride Removal Plant manufacturer's therapy is the best solution to stop community wise exposure. This ensures that no one is at severe risk. The technique is accessible and cost-efficient.

The Process of Fluoridation Treatment

This treatment does not change the appearance or taste of Water. It does not smell. The treatment plants accomplish this procedure by adding compounds and components to the Water. They are of three types –

  1. Sodium Fluoride This is the fundamental component used for standard water treatment. IT is odourless, white and crystalline. It is costly and toxic if you ingest it accidentally.
  2. Fluorosilicic acid This is another significant and inexpensive water additive. You can find it in varying matters of strength. You can refer to it as and silicofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicichy, drofluosilicic or, hexafluosilicic.
  3. Sodium fluorosilicate It is a sodium salt, available in a powdery form and is made from fine crystals. You can call it sodium silicofluoride.

Benefits of Water Fluoridation

Drinking fluoride water has several notable advantages. They are as follows –

Prevents the decay of tooth

The adding of fluoride in community water supply systems prevents childhood diseases. Dental problems can be severe since most of it comes from the water that you drink. Controlling fluoride levels in drinking water is a significant achievement, as attained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Protect cavities

High levels of fluoride in community water is the main causative factor for cavities. Other different sources, like toothpaste, are equally responsible.

Is Safe

Fluoride treatment done in the water plants is safe and secure at a standard level. The American Medical Association, World Health Organization, American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have given explicit approval for this.

Natural Process

Drinking Water has some natural levels of fluoride in it. You can find it naturally in the groundwater. By undergoing the water treatment, one can adjust the fluoride levels for enhanced health benefits.

It is cost-effective

Community Treatment/Fluoridation of the Water is cheap when compared to regular dental treatments.

Potency of Fluoride Water Treatment

Many believe that mass medication of the drinking water is unethical. In the name of treatment, the manufacturers should ensure that ordinary people do not drink an excess quantity of fluoride. Once you are over-exposed to fluoride, you get dental caries, stains, the enamel of fluorosis trouble. It can also degrade bone strength, cause thyroid disorders, impairment in brain and muscle functioning etc.

The safe treatment has helped communities on a mass level. Fluoridation Water programs are therefore undertaken following the guidelines and standard protocols. Sometimes, excess fluoride concentration is noticed in groundwater, rivers and streams. At DewPure, our services and treatment processes are safe and less hazardous. We keep in mind then the general interest of the masses.


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