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Know How to Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water

High fluoride content in drinking water has negative effects on the human body. It is critical for infants, causing physical problems like gastrointestinal symptoms. You can also suffer from other problems like low fertility, endocrine disruption, thyroid, arthritis and cancer. Fluoride in water is also responsible for dental problems and tooth decay.

The large-scale water treatment plants use advanced fluoride removal filters to make the drinking water safe for consumption. It eliminates contamination from poisonous chemicals that is highly dangerous for human health. Even at lower doses, it has toxic properties responsible for causing different complications in the body.

The Effectiveness of the Fluoridation Treatment

Fluoridation is one of the most effective methods of removing fluoride content from the water. It adds fluoride into the water at the recommended percentage of 0.7 milligrams. However, it is still proven to cause harm in the form of enamel fluorosis. At the Fluoride Removal Plant, the operatives work towards managing community wise exposure to reduce the incidence of the risk factor.

Process of Water Fluoridation

The success of this treatment depends on adding certain compounds and components into the water. However, it does not change the appearance and taste of water. The three types are as follows –

Fluorosilicic acid

It is an inexpensive but significant water additive. You can find it in varying strengths. People also refer to it as silicofluoric acid, hexafluorosilicichy, drofluosilicic or, hexafluosilicic.

Sodium Fluoride

It is a standard water treatment process. It is white, crystalline and odourless. It is highly expensive and is toxic if you ingest it.

Sodium fluorosilicate

This is a kind of sodium salt, available in a powdery form. It is made from fine crystals. Some people also call it sodium silicofluoride.

Since you know iabout arsenic poisoning, you should take steps to eliminate it. The plants conduct advanced water filtration. This way, they provide safe drinking water to people in the locality.

Effective Filtration Techniques for Fluoride Removal

Processes like distillation, reverse osmosis, and compounds like activated alumina can successfully remove fluoride content from the water for drinking. Since the fluoride ions are microscopic in size, the standard filtration methods cannot remove them from the water. The filtration system has to operate at the microscopic levels to yield productive results.

Reverse Osmosis

One of the most practical yet constructive methods of fluoride removal from water is reverse osmosis. The water is forced to pass through a semi-permeable membrane, removing all contaminants, minerals and ions which cannot pass through the membrane. Due to this, the water can lack taste with a lower PH level. Most Ro filters have remineralisation filters for improving their taste.

Activated Aluminia

Also known as aluminium oxide, they have a high surface-to-weight ratio and high fluoride absorbing capacity. The EPA recommends it to remove arsenic, thallium and fluoride from water. To get guaranteed results, the water should have ph levels below 6.5 or low.

De-Ionisation filters

It is a similar process to distillation but with a slow processing time. It eliminates all the ionic particles and removes fluoride content from the water. However, these filters are quite expensive; require high maintenance with frequent cartridge changes.

Advanced Fluoride Removal Filters

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