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Factors To Consider Before Starting a Mineral Water Manufacturing Plant

Investing in a mineral water manufacturing plant is a good decision unless you consider all the essential and vital factors. People living in cities and villages both need fresh drinking water, which is how the Mineral water project can turn out to be highly prospective. As opposed to regular tap water, mineral water is safe to drink. You can start productive mineral water projects for the greater good.

The scarcity of water has become a big issue in every part of this country. People drink unsafe water, which is hazardous to their health. Due to improper processing and filtering of the water after extraction from unhygienic water bodies, people start suffering from water-borne diseases. Hence, if this business is executed in a planned manner, it can go strong for several years to come.

With the constantly rising demand for mineral water consumption and purchase, setting up a water manufacturing plant can prove to be profitable. Here are some essential considerations that you should keep in mind while setting up a plant.

Factors To Consider for Water Plant Manufacturing Project

Conducting a market research

Before starting any business, you should do clear market research. This is applicable for the mineral water project too. You gain a detailed perspective on the market trends and gather information about the other significant factors at play here. You get more opportunities to know about your business competitors. Eventually, you can set up realistic goals for your own business. Things like the demand for products, targeted audience base, targeted market are also crucial. Even for aspects like packaging, proper and thorough market research is required.

A Profitable Plan

Once you complete detailed research of your targeted market, it is time to develop a profitable and realistic business plan. Firstly, the selection of an ideal location is necessary. You can consult professionals who can help you with the business framework or compass. It should consist of a viable marketing strategy, the need for a management team, staff patterns, legal processes, financial projections, suppliers and equipment and other vital factors.

Other aspects of the planning include deciding on the plant production capacity, the location, transportation cost, the type of water source, estimated production capacity per hour etc.

The license

For setting up a mineral water manufacturing plant, you will require business registration certifications, AOA and MOA of the business, ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), pollution control certificates from the local board, test reports of the feed water, certification for pest control etc. This way, you can function your business seamlessly.

Identification of the location

The location for setting up the water plant will depend on the other factors and determinants. At first, you have to identify the source of water to facilitate the production process. Next, you should make arrangements with storage tanks to store raw water. Water treatment is also a considerable process, including filtration, reverse osmosis, UV sterilisation, ozone disinfection etc. Finally, testing of the water is also crucial, keeping in mind all biological and chemical parameters.

Acquiring a reliable supplier

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