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Installing A Fluoride Removal Plant? Know What Is Water Fluoridation

Fluorides are compounds formed when fluorine combines with other substances. They occur naturally in air, soil or water. The level of fluorine in fluorides varies greatly. It is a very common element found in animal food sources. Most people still don’t’ know the possible health effects of drinking water with high fluorine content. Once fluorides enter our body through water or other sources, it reaches the digestive tract and gets absorbed by the blood. Generally, it is absorbed by areas with high calcium content like teeth and bones.

Is Water Fluoridation Safe?

It is the responsibility of government agencies to regulate the levels of fluoride in drinking water. Generally, the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in drinking water is 4.0 mg/L. When exposed to high fluorine levels for a long term, it might lead to skeletal fluorosis, which is a condition in which fluoride starts accumulating in the bones. You might notice that your bones have become stiff or deal with joint pain.

In older adults, water fluoridation can lead to weak bones and fractures. Children below the age of 9 are also prone to dental fluorosis. Once fluoride starts accumulating in developing teeth, it will prevent the tooth enamel from forming properly.

How Are People Exposed To Water Fluoridation?

Though people are exposed to fluoride through various sources, water is one of the major sources. Few other sources of fluoride are food, beverages and fluoride-containing mouth rinses and toothpaste. You don’t have to worry about fluoride in dental products as people generally don’t swallow them. As far as water fluoridation is concerned, you can reduce fluoride content in water by installing a Fluoride Removal Filter. Dew Pure is a leading supplier of high-quality fluoride removal filters which can completely remove fluoride from water.

Link Between Water Fluoridation And Cancer

Though there is no specific evidence, some scientists feel that fluoridated water has cancer-causing potential. It can increase the risk of osteosarcoma, which occurs when fluoride accumulates in parts of bones. Fluoride makes the cells in the growth plate grow faster, which can later become cancerous.

If you want to stay away from the side effects of water fluoridation, get in touch with the experts at DewPure and install a fluoride removal filter on your property.


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