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Arsenic Removal Filter – A Solution for Water Purification

Arsenic is a naturally occurring water pollutant. It is a toxic, heavy metal that leaches from the soil and gets into the groundwater. The water becomes poisonous to drink and becomes a risk factor for human health. Many regions suffer from the problem of water contamination caused by arsenic. This is why you should install a good quality arsenic removal filter at home.

Know a Few Facts

There are a few things you should know about arsenic in water. Arsenic is a natural element forming in soil, dirt and rocks. It exists in small amounts in the food that you eat, like apples and rice. The removal of arsenic from water is tricky since it gets carried along from under the ground. Some municipal corporation filters cannot remove arsenic from the water. The traces of arsenic remain despite adopting various measures.

Why Use Arsenic Filters At Home

Continued exposure to arsenic has serious health consequences. It is linked to skin diseases, lesions, development problems in children, skin and liver cancer, kidney damage and more. Children are more at risk from the disastrous effects of arsenic in drinking water. This is why installing arsenic removal filters at home is a great idea.

Removing Arsenic from Water

Reverse Osmosis is an excellent method for removing arsenic from drinking water. Also known as the RO process, it uses pressure and forces water through a semi-permeable membrane. It removes all the dissolved impurities from water. The layer contains tiny pores. It allows water molecules to pass through while trapping large-sized particles like chromium, lead, iron and arsenic. The best quality RO filters are capable of removing 99% arsenic from water. Thus the water becomes safe for consumption.

Other Types of Arsenic Removal Filters

Arsenic removal water filters are of different types.

  1. Whole House Arsenic Filters – You have to fit them at the entry point. It removes the arsenic from the water which enters the house. These are RO arsenic water filtration systems. The water entering the house passes through various stages
    • Chlorine and sediment filtration
    • Carbon filtration
    • RO membrane filtration
  2. Under counter or inline countertop arsenic filters connected to the faucet timeline
  3. Portable arsenic filters

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