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All You Need to Know about Arsenic Poisoning and Prevention

A natural element of the Earth, arsenic is found in groundwater. It distributes in the environment via air, water or land. If you consume excessive amount of arsenic or arsenicosis, it causes poisoning and harms human health. Hence, given the risks, it is best to filter the water before drinking.

Dewpure is a renowned arsenic removal plant manufacturer that provides safe drinking water to the community. They adopt new technologies for water filtration, ensuring that it’s safe to consume by the masses.

Cause of Arsenic Poisoning

Overconsumption of arsenic becomes toxic for human health. It is one of the major causes of arsenic poisoning. If consumed in small quantities over a prolonged time, it can lead to serious illness. However, if you consume it in large doses, it can lead to untimely deaths.

High levels of arsenic in the groundwater are a cause of concern throughout the country. Hence, the authorities are taking measures to control the problem on a global scale.

In the workplace, arsenic consumption can cause severe health hazards. If the company does not adopt proper safety measures, the risk remains at a high level. People who work in glass production and pesticide manufacturing companies are at a higher risk of arsenic contamination. Agriculturists also face the same hazard because of the nature of their job.

Why Use Arsenic Filters At Home

Continued exposure to arsenic has serious health consequences. It is linked to skin diseases, lesions, development problems in children, skin and liver cancer, kidney damage and more. Children are more at risk from the disastrous effects of arsenic in drinking water. This is why installing arsenic removal filters at home is a great idea.


The symptoms of arsenic poisoning are acute. However, it can be immediate and severe depending on the level of metal exposure for your body. The symptoms start appearing 30 minutes after a person consumes large doses of arsenic from contaminated water. They start to experience drowsiness, diarrhoea, and headaches. If you inhale the arsenic, it takes some time for the symptoms to show.

Modes of Treatment for Arsenic Removal

  • Oxidation This technique removes the prevalent form of arsenic (As(V), arsenate). Since it is less mobile than arsenite, it co-precipitates with the metallic cations and gets absorbed into solid surfaces. In this system, the arsenite is converted to arsenate. It is then oxidised with oxygen (O2), hydrogen peroxide (h2o2), hypochlorite (HCLO) and permanganate (HMno4).
  • Coagulation and Filtration Done using metal salts and lime, the process is the most effective in removing arsenic from water. It follows three methods – precipitation, co-precipitation and Adsorption. The method of Coagulation-flocculation uses alum, ferric sulphate, or ferric chloride to remove arsenic. The treatment is well known and delivers faster results.
  • Ion Exchange This technique is similar to activated alumina, but the medium is a synthetic resin. It is a cross-linked polymer skeleton that facilitate better ion exchange. The ion exchange method is less dependent on the pH of the water. Hence, the results are more accurate.

Advantages of Installing Arsenic Removal Plant

The benefits and necessity of installing the arsenic removal plant are indisputable.

  1. You get instant pure water that is safe for consumption
  2. There is no change in its natural taste or odour
  3. The filters help you get rid of iron, contaminants and turbidity from the water
  4. You get safe drinking water right from the main water supply system
  5. Arsenic-free water does not discolour clothes?
  6. It is safe for human health?
  7. There are no additional expenses to install the plants
  8. There is no problem with iron deposits in your household devices

Since you know iabout arsenic poisoning, you should take steps to eliminate it. The plants conduct advanced water filtration. This way, they provide safe drinking water to people in the locality.


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