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5 Common Water Treatment Systems To Get Clean Water

There are numerous water treatment companies scattered all over India, with high competition prevailing among them. All of them try their level best to maintain their reputation using the latest water treatment systems. Skilled professionals use the latest and advanced machinery to make water safe for consumption and other purposes.

They try to choose a water treatment system that helps in reducing the consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources. The objective is to reduce environmental releases, improve air quality and productivity. There are three vital groups of equipment used in water purifying systems for pre-treatment, primary purification, and water distribution.

Need Clean Water? Few Common Water Treatment Systems

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are widely used in water treatment plants to reduce or remove chlorine and organic contaminants like asbestos, lead, pesticides, trihalomethanes, cysts, and volatile organic compounds from water. To protect the RO membranes and the IX resins from getting downstream, removing chlorine is a must. The total organic carbon levels produced in the water by the system is also lowered with a reduction in the organic contaminants.

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters help to get rid of suspended solids, dirt, and other foreign particles from water. It reduces the turbidity of water fed into the water system. Most of the sediment filters installed in the small purification system are standard cartridge filter housings having 5-micron cartridge filters. The multi-media backwashing filters are used in medium and large systems. The sediment cartridges are divided into two varieties; surface filters and depth filters. You can expect water to be cleaner if high-quality sediment filters are installed in the system.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reserve Osmosis Water Systems have a high-pressure pump and motor installed to provide the necessary pressure to reverse the natural osmosis process. The housings hold the membranes and provide concentrated streams or flow paths. The semi-permeable membrane provided by the RO membrane is used in the reverse osmosis process. Few of the water system manufacturers even consider conductivity probes optional equipment. Dew Pure is renowned for providing commercial Reverse Osmosis Plants at competitive prices. They even use high-grade membrane materials and spare parts so that the water treatment plant installed in your property can last for years.

Water Softeners

Most water treatment companies rely on water softeners to remove large-scale forming ions, minerals, and dissolved metals like manganese and iron. Removing metals and minerals from water prevent fouling and scale formation on the RO membrane and maximize its life. Few benefits one can enjoy by using soft water instead of hard water are shinier and cleaner silverware, softer skin, smoother hair, rich lather with less shampoo, more extended staying fabrics, long-lasting whiteness of cloth, lowered energy costs, the longevity of water appliances, and reduced damages to electrical appliances.

Distribution System

The distribution system is used in Process and Water Systems. It comprises of pressure transducer level controls, cone bottom atmospheric storage tanks with 0.2-micron vent filters, high purity, mixed-bed deionization, re-pressurization pumps, mixed-bed deionization vessels with cation and anion IX resin, ultraviolet systems, and final polishing filter housings with absolute rated micron cartridge filters.

Time To Choose The Right Water Treatment System

With so many water treatment systems available in the market, choosing one you can install in your home or office is indeed a challenging task. The best you can do is to understand your water treatment needs before visiting a manufacturer in Kolkata.


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