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Dew Pure is a renowned name in the field of water management systems in all over India as we are a leading Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata, India. Dew Pure has carved a niche in the industry by offering a wide variety of water management systems at affordable prices. They have a dedicated and experienced team who continually strive to deliver quality water treatment solutions which suits the unique needs of their clients. They have a vast clientele which is a reflection of their professionalism.

Water Treatment Plant

Why Do You Need A Water Treatment Plant?

There are numerous areas in Kolkata where residents have to suffer because of hard water and excess iron in the water. If you don’t want the issue to become consistent or prominent, get in touch with us and we will suggest the right water treatment plant for your property. We have years of experience in the industry and can deliver cost-effective solutions which suits your needs and budget. Getting an interrupted supply of clean and safe water will become easier with our team of experts by your side.

Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer

Offering A Wide Range Of Services

Though we are one of the most preferred companies offering water treatment plants, we offer other services as well. We have a track record of helping hundreds of clients willing to install high-quality iron removal plants, effluent treatment plant, water softening plants, multi-grade sand filter, dual media filters, water treatment and filtration systems, sewage treatment plants and reverse osmosis plant in their home or office. All our filters and water treatment plants are designed with utmost care and dedication. Not only can the customer handle them conveniently but also offer easy installation and maintenance. The containers are available in various shapes and sizes.

We Specialise In

Removing the turbidity, colour, odour and suspended iron particles from the water and making it suitable for use. We are counted as one of the top manufacturers of Iron removal filtres, which efficiently dissolve iron present in water in the form of lower oxides.

Water Softener Plant


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