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Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Iron Removal Filter:

The Iron Removal filters that we manufacture are widely used to eliminate turbidity, suspended particles, color, odor and iron that are available in raw water. These iron removal filters are known for their easy operation and give crystal clear water. Our iron removal plants are accurately designed to fulfill our client's specific requirements. These filters purify water from sand without clogging the filter where the raw water passes through the layer of processed catalyst & quartz filter media respectively. The dissolved ferrous iron salts are converted into insoluble ferric salt and precipitated over the filter bed and then the iron free filtered water comes out. Only backwashing with clear water is required for cleaning the bed. The entire range can also be customized as specified by the clients.



Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Water Softener Plant:

Softening is a widely used technology for reducing hardness forming ions (Ca & Mg) which precipitate and scale at very low temperatures and pressures. Softening is a reversible ion exchange process where the hardness forming ions (calcium and magnesium ions) are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group, and thus produce soft water. At the end of each service cycle, the ion exchange resin is regenerated with sodium chloride solution, after which the units is ready for the next service cycle. 

Applications :

  • Home and apartments.
  • Process water for manufacturing plants.
  • Boiler feed water and cooling water make-up.
  • Beverage and food processing industry.
  • Hospital, hotel, institute, laundries and more.

Advantage :

  • Ion exchange resins with high resistance, longer life, high ion exchange capacity and low Consumption of salt.
  • Easy operation & maintenance.
  • Variety of cost effective standard models.
  • Produces clear soft and non – scale forming water.
  • Easily up-gradable for higher output.


Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Reverse Osmosis Plant:


  • DEW PURE offers the State-of-the-Art Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems complete with Pre & Post Treatment equipments offering Very Pure Water from Brackish or Saline water.
  • Water Produced using Reverse Osmosis Technology is of very Low TDS & free from Particulate, Organic and Colloidal matter.
  • DEW PURE carries complete range Reverse Osmosis Plant. Units ranging from 250 to 20000 LPH and more.
  • Our Standard features of reverse osmosis plant includes Pre Micron Filter, High Pressure Pump, Stainless Steel Pressure tubes with Membranes, Electrical Control Panel with TDS meter and Wet Panel with Flow Indicators and Pressure Gauges, pressure switch and electrically driven solenoid valve, Pressure Regulator valve, Stainless steel 304 frame (Skid) etc.
  • These systems are used for water having TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • Optional features include Membrane cleaning system, Level switches, Low Pressure cut off switch, Automatic Fast rinse flush, Low pressure safety cut-off switch etc.
Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Packaged Drinking Water Project:

Water Source :

Water should be collected from the source which should be well protected, available easily, un-contaminated. Sources can be anything viz. Bore well water Line, Closed Ring Well, Municipal Supply Line or Other source where treatment is possible.

Water Transfer :

Water is transferred to Raw Water Storage Tanks using proper pumping system and un-contaminating piping work. Either Submersible Pump or surface mounted Centrifugal pump can be used with good quality UPVC or CPVC or SS piping can be used for this application.

Water Source :

Complete Purification system comprising of

  • Raw Water feed Pump
  • Chlorine Dosing system
  • Multi Media Filtration for Coarse filtration
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Water Softening / Anti Scalent Treatment Process
  • Reverse Osmosis Or Nano / Ultra Filtration
  • Purified Water Storage in Stainless Steel tank
  • Transfer Pump in stainless steel
  • Micron Cartridge Filtration (0.2 Micron)
  • UV Sterilization
  • Ozone Disinfection

Water Process Description Raw water is chlorinated or Ozonated to oxidize the organic impurities (kill bacteria and virus). This water is passed through Multi Media Filter with the help of Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities followed by Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (de-chlorination), odour, colour and turbidity due to colloidal suspended impurities and organic impurities. De chlorinated water is then dosed with Anti Scalent Solution to avoid scale formation on the membrane or passed through Softener to remove hardness. Softened water is further passed through 10-micron cartridge filter to remove micron particles to avoid clogging of the RO membrane and to improve the silt density index. Water further passed though RO Unit which is complete with High Pressure Pump, Membranes with Pressure tubes, Electrical control panel and wet panel, piping with valves and all the required accessories viz., pressure switch, solenoid valve etc. Reverse Osmosis unit will reduce the dissolved Salts up to 95% of the In feed TDS. Treated water from RO unit will be stored into SS tank. This treated water is then passed through 0.2 micron cartridge filter before it is taken for the filling. Ozonator unit producing ozone gas is installed in series at the outlet of UV System to provide residual effect of ozone to the water.

Water Testing Facility Purified Water is tested using IN HOUSE Water Testing laboratory Where Chemical and Micro Biologically Water is tested for Chemical and Micro Biological parameters. For this, a complete full fledge Water Testing CHEMICAL and MICRO BIOLOGICAL Lab is required. However, water is also tested for Pesticide and Radio-nuclear parameters in outside Bureau of Indian standards approved laboratory.

Laboratory Requirements Chemical Lab Min 150 sf ft Room / Shelves, Cup-boards (Your Scope)

All Required Chemicals and Reagents

Glassware / PP Ware
Instruments as per BIS
Micro-Biology Lab Min 150 sf ft Room / Shelves, Cup-boards (Your Scope)
All Required Chemicals and Reagents
Instruments as per BIS
Production Machineries
PET BOTTLE blowing Machine
Water once purified is filled in PET Bottles where bottles can be blown IN HOUSE using Bottle stretch Blow Moulding Machine. This Machine requires Heavy duty Compressor with Compressor Air Dryer unit. Bottles are blown using Semi Automatic Twin Blow blow machine.

Blow Moulding Machines are available in following capacities:
Semi Auto - 600 Bottles or 1200 Bottles per hour and multiple of 600 BPH Fully Auto - 1200 BPH / 1800 BPH / 2400 BPH / 3600 BPH / 4500 BPH etc.

Machines are available with all the accessories viz.

  • Storage Hopper and Automatic Feeder of Pet Preforms
  • Bottle on line Feeder on Air Conveyor
  • Air Compressor/s suitable capacity
  • Compressed Air Dryer & Filters
  • Chiller Unit of suitable capacity
  • Various capacity Hard Chrome Diamond Finish PET Bottle Moulds.

PET BOTTLE Rinse, Fill, Cap, Label Machine

  • Machine has fully automatic Rinsing, Filling, Capping operations.
  • Body Labeling with Hot Melt BOPP Labels OR PVC Shrink Labels.
  • Product Hygienic and untouched by human hand.
  • Can Fill 500 ml to 2.0 Lt in the same machine, using change parts at an extra.

Machine Capacities
Various capacity Machines are available

  • 24 Bottles / min
  • 30 Bottles/min
  • 40 Bottles/min
  • 60 Bottles per min and more

Machines are supplied with standard accessories

  • In feed Air Conveyor of SS body with 2.5 mtr length along with drive.
  • Out feed Conveyor of SS body with 7.5 mtr length along with drive.
  • Electrical panel with the machine along with timers, relays, PLC etc.
  • Inspection Board mounted on out feed conveyor
  • Shrink tunnel for shrinking the labels and cap sleeves
  • One set of change parts for one size of bottles. For different sizes of bottles different change parts are required which will be sent at additional cost.
  • Computerized Digital Batch & Date Coding Machine to match with machine (Optional)

20 Ltr JAR Washing & Filling Machine

This section consists of 3 units mainly

  • Jar brusher Unit
  • Jar Washer Unit - 2 nos.
  • Jar Filler Unit
  • Jar Capper Unit

Various capacity Jar Machines are available

  • 60-80 Jars / min
  • 120 Jars /min
  • 240 Jars /min
  • 500 Jars /min
Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Bottle Filling Machine:


Special Features

  • Mono Block Rotary Machine
  • Neck Holding
  • Rinsing, Filling and Capping
  • 6 Rinsing Head
  • 6 Filling Head
  • 3 Head Capping
  • Non Contact Sensors for Bottle Counter
  • Separate Cap Hopper Having Capacity 1000 Caps
  • Material of Contractions contact parts SS316L rest SS304

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Load :-9 HP (6.71 KW)
  • Main Drive
    • Motor 2 H.P. (1.1 k.w.) 1440RPM. - 440VAC.
  • Cap Hopper
    • Gerard Motor 0.25 H.P. (0.33 k.w.) 1440RPM – 440VAC
    • Hopper Capacity 1000 Caps At a time
    • Material of contraction SS304
    • SS 304 Quality belt 3/4” Size
    • Size L = 3 feet x W = 3 feet x H = 7.5 Feet
    • Weight = 200 kg Approx
  • Variable Speed AC Motor Drive ( VFD )
    • Inputs = Photo Sensor
    • Output = 230 VAC
  • Filling Tank Level Control Valves 11/2" BSP 230 VDC
  • Proximity Switches 24VDC M18 Size (For Bottle Counter)
  • Shrink Tunnel 4.5KW (440VAC).
  • Conveyor 5 feet and 15 feet
    • Geared Motor 0.25 hp 32 RPM 440VAC-
    • Material of construction SS304
    • Belt = 1/2” Size material SS304
    • Adjustable legs for different size of bottle up to 300mm
  • Machine size in feet

Machine Only : - L = 4’ x W = 5.2’ x H = 6’
Machine With Conveyor and all accessory: - L = 24’ x W = 11’ x H = 6’

Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Jar Filling Machine:


Special Features :

  • Neck Holding
  • No Bottle No Rinsing No Filling and No Capping
  • Four Stage Rinsing ( Chemical , Hot 2 Times, Final Water )
  • Single Stage Filling
  • Non Contact Sensors
  • Separate Cap Hopper Having Capacity 50 Caps
  • Material of Contractions contact parts SS316L rest SS304 Technical Specifications

Specifications :

  • Electrical Load: - 5.68 HP (4.23 KW)
  • Cap Hopper
  • Gerard Motor .0.25 H.P. (0.33 k.w.) 1440RPM – 440VAC
  • Hopper Capacity 100 Caps At a time
  • Material of contraction SS304
  • Programmable Logic Controls ( PLC )
    0 Inputs = Photo Sensor
    0 Output = 230 VAC
  • Filling Valves 1” BSP 230 VDC
  • SS Tank 35 Ltr. For Chemical and Hot Water
  • Proximity Switches 24VDC M18 Size (For No Bottle No FILL SYSTEM)
  • Shrink Tunnel 4.5KW (440VAC).
  • Conveyor 3 feet SS Roller Conveyor
  • Material of construction SS304
  • Roller material SS304
  • Adjustable width for different size of bottle
  • Machine size in feet

Machine Only: - L = 11’ x W = 3’ x H = 5.5’
Machine With Conveyor and all accessory: - L = 11’ x W = 3’ x H = 5.5’

Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Pet Strech Blow Moulding Machine:


All the qualities of PET :

The PET bottle is a great success in many countries. And no wonder, producted by the biaxially oriented blow moulding process, PET or Polyethlene Terephthalate– bottles combine outstanding performances and aesthetic qualities. They give you the super crystal clarity needed to show any product to advantage. They have excellent carbonation retention properties and a good barrier to oxygen. Extremely resistant to breakage, light to handle and transport, and safe to health and environment.

To the advantage of PET itself, the extraordinary characteristics of the Canada Pure Fillers PET Bottle Blowing machines are added simplicity, compactness, reliability and flexibility. Quickly installed, the machine is ready for producing bottles of various shapes and contents as the changing of the moulds are rapid. Renowned for these advantages, it is the small “two steps” machine which is the most sold in world and gives satisfaction to hundreds of producers for various different applications like mineral water, carbonated Softdrink project equipment, edible oil, detergents. This is an ideal system for economical production in small series of quality bottles.

Multipurpose Infrared Rotary Heater :

Six to eight vertically horizontally and angularly adjustable double lamps can be turned to allow a more uniform heating of any type of preforms. Before blowing preheating is achieved by recirculation of hot air exhausted by lamps and the system automatically adjusts to changes in the ambient temperature. An oven with ten lamps (optional) permits the heating of thicker preforms. An oven with 24 lamps permits the heating of 2 litre bottle preform. The control cabinet is equipped with a programmable microprocessor with Error Status Indicator. Setting and adjusting of the controls can be performed manually. For special climates the cabinet can be air conditioned.

Easy Access :

The pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipments, as well as the cooling system, are easily accessible. Minimum replacement time is required when one type of bottle mould is changed for another one. No special tools are needed.


The bi-axial orientation : PET is certainly the ideal material. But to retain that title, it also needs the full benefits of bi-axial orientation.

Bi-axial orientation requires two-stage production: the perform is first produced and then, within a precise temperature range, it is stretched both axially, (thanks to stretching rods), and radially by blowing. It is this process which gives the container its strength. These two phases can be carried out on one double acting machine (one stage) or separately on two different machines (two stages).

The PET :

The application of this process to PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) product bottles, jars and containers which perform remarkably and uniquely: giving clarity excellent properties of carbonation retention, ingress of oxygen and virtually unbreakable, light to handle and transport and above all, kind to the environment and recyclable. This combination of properties has opened up new and important markets, PET has become the favored material in number of applications, notably for projects and equipment for carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, vegetable oils and vinegar. But the new generation of applications is covering a still more extensive range of detergents and cleaning products, wines and other alcoholic drinks, fruits juices, certain conserves sauces, ketchup and mustard, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, industrial paints and oils chemical products etc., A range of new markets with a promising potential.

Water Source :

  • A system of small modular units has many advantages over one large machine.
  • You can begin small with the minimum investment.
  • As Business grows, additional units can be acquired.
  • Production volume can easily and economically be adjusted to market fluctuations.
  • Bottles of different sizes and weights can be produced simultaneously on different units.
  • Change-over from one production to another can be rapidly effected.
  • The PET system is well known for its solidity and reliability according to world standards.
  • A simple system to operate means short training for operators.
  • As the machine requires very little maintenance, cost related to no operating machines are negligible
Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Effluent Treatment Plants:

 DEW PURE offers an effectual range of Effluent Treatment Plants for recycling of wastewater to reduce water demand. The comprehensive treatment solution works at various levels and involves various physical, chemical, biological and membrane processes. also provides effluent treatment solutions for various types of industrial waste water. Customized systems to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain efficiency are provided to industries. These systems include physic-chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment and membrane separation process to achieve the zero-discharge standards laid by statutory authority. We provide innovative and economical systems for waste from industries like chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, refineries, dairy, ready mix plants & textile etc.

Process Overview For ETP :

  • Screening/ Grit chamber: To remove floatable matter and sand, grit, stones in raw effluent.
  • Oil & grease trap: To remove floatable oil and grease from raw effluent.
  • Primary treatment: Includes chemical treatment (coagulation, flocculation, neutralization) and solid-liquid separation for removal of suspended solids.
  • Secondary Treatment: Includes biological treatment for reduction of BOD/COD and solid-liquid separation. Biological treatment can be aerobic or anaerobic depends on quality of raw effluent. Aerobic- ASP (Activated Sludge Process), MBBR/FAB (Moving Bed Bioreactor/ Fluidized Aerated Bioreactor), SAFF (Submerged Aerated Fixed Film Bioreactor), MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) Anaerobic- UASB (Up-flow anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor)
  • Tertiary treatment: Sand and carbon filtration for removal of suspended solids and organic material. Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis are the advanced technologies to be implemented for zero-discharge system.
Iron Removal Filter in Kolkata

Sewage Water Treatment Plants:


Water Source :

  • DEW PURE  offers complete solution for Sewage Water Treatment Plants and Recycle. The Sewage from the residential and commercial buildings is treated for reduction in BOD, COD & TSS in order to comply with the pollution control board standards for disposal, gardening, flushing and other non-potable purposes.
  • The sewage treatment plants are based on the Latest FAB (Floating Aerobic Biomedia) or SAFF (Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film) treatment followed by clarification by a tube settler. Lime is dosed in for suppression of foaming tendencies.
  • The clarified water is then further filtered in a Multi media Sand Filter after dosing of coagulant (alum) for removal of unsettled suspended impurities followed by Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter for removal of organics.
  • The filtered water from ACF is then chlorinated & stored in the treated water tank.
  • These sewage treatment plants are available in RCC constructed designs for commercial and residential buildings as well as Mild Steel FRP Lined and Fibre constructed tanks for easy installation and commissioning.
  • Sewage treatment systems are available from 50 M3 per day to 1000 M3/day and more...Water thus obtained can be used for gardening, flushing, car washing, etc...
  • Systems are offered for achieving zero discharge using UF and RO systems further to treat sewage.

Our Gallery

  • 2000 LPH RO PLANT
  • 5000 LPH RO PLANT
  • 3000 LPH RO PLANT
  • 3000 LPH RO PLANT
  • 500 LPH RO PLANT
  • 1000 LTR RO PLANT
  • 500 LPH RO PLANT
  • 1000 LTR RO PLANT

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