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Know The Health Effects Of Iron Before Installing A Mineral Water Plant

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Since water is a natural solvent, it is capable of absorbing minerals from groundwater. Though it is acceptable to drink water with a little amount of iron, water might get an unpleasant metallic taste if found in excess amount. It is true that iron is a vital element our body needs for nutrition. It also helps in warding off anaemia and fatigue. When found in limited quantity, it is safe to ingest.

Identify Excess Iron In Drinking Water

The easiest way you can know that the water you are drinking is high in iron is its metallic taste. It might appear brownish or discoloured without any sediment. You might also notice orange or red rust stains in the toilet, sink, shower or bathtub. Sometimes, they even build up inside the dishwasher and the ceramic dishes might become discoloured. If they enter the laundry equipment, you will notice stains on clothing.

Traces of impurities or bacteria found in iron sediments can be quite harmful. Being naturally occurring organisms, iron bacteria can dissolve iron and other bacteria. They can also accumulate and form a brown slime inside water pipes. Iron bacteria are a very common issue in wells as the water is not chlorinated. If you ever feel that the water you are drinking has a metallic taste, get in touch with a Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer in Pune. Discuss your water treatment needs and they will suggest the right equipment you can install in your property.

Role Of Iron In Human Nutrition

To stay healthy, our body needs iron. It plays a vital role in human nutrition and helps in the formation of the protein haemoglobin that carries oxygen to all the cells in our body. Iron is also necessary for cellular metabolism and is found in our body’s enzymes. Deficiency of iron in our body will not only cause fatigue and anaemia but also make your body more susceptible to infections.

There are a few people who are at a higher risk of iron deficiency. If you are a woman, child, an elderly or non-Caucasian, make sure that the water you are drinking has the right amount of iron in it. Though iron is necessary for our body, you should add only small amounts of it to your diet. Mineral water plants are designed in such a way so that it doesn’t remove iron completely from water but only get rid of multiple mineral traces.

Impact Of Iron Overload On Our Health

Though it is necessary to consume iron through our diet, drinking water with excess iron can lead to adverse health effects. Iron overload is a common condition which can occur if we keep on consuming large amounts of iron continuously. A gene mutation takes place in our body which leads to this condition. Millions of people are afflicted by iron overload every year.

It can also lead to hemochromatosis if left untreated. It is a severe disease which can damage the organs in our body and lead to liver problems, heart disease and diabetes. Early symptoms of hemochromatosis are weight loss, joint pain and fatigue. The easiest way you can identify iron overload is by conducting a blood test.

Install An Iron Removal Plant

Iron removal plants are heavy duty products capable of removing three types of iron which are not quite beneficial for our body. It is not just about iron. Install the right plant and you also remove manganese impurities like ferric, ferrous and bacterial iron from drinking water. Chlorination, retention and filtration are the three treatment methods involved. The filter material in the equipment has activated carbons. If you want to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water in your home or office, install a mineral water plant and an iron removal plant.

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