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3 Common Signs Indicating That Tap Water Is Not Suitable For Drinking

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In some countries, chlorine is deliberately added to water sources to kill pathogens and germs. When chlorine mixes with other organic compounds, it can create harmful by-products. No wonder, consumption of tap water can impact the health of your family members. Chemicals found in tap water can increase the risk of cancer or lead to kidney problem. The best way you can deal with the issue is by installing a mineral water plant in your property. Look for warning signs indicating that your tap water is not suitable for drinking and look for a company installing mineral water plants.

Few Signs That Your Tap Water Is Unsafe For Consumption

  • Cloudy

You can estimate that the tap water is safe for drinking if it is clear and does not have any funny taste or odour. Cloudiness or turbidity in water is an indication that you have to install a mineral water plant to make it pure. Though the cloudy water won’t pose any threat to your health, they indicate the presence of pathogens and chemicals. Contaminated drinking water is generally harder than the water we drink. If you are washing your hands with soap and water, you will notice that your hands have become slimy.

  • Brown, Yellow Or Orange Water

Yellow water indicates the presence of chromium-6 (a cancer-causing chemical). Water can also turn yellow if it has a higher concentration of copper, iron, lead or manganese. It is almost mandatory to check whether a yellow tint is appearing in the tap water if it comes from a public source. It is not just about yellow water; it might also turn brown or orange if it contains a high level of lead, iron or manganese. Bluish or greenish water generally contains a high level of copper.

  • Water Smells Like Bleach

A common sign indicating a high level of chlorine in tap water is when the water smells like bleach. Chlorine is generally added to water sources to get rid of pathogens and germs from them. When chlorine mixes with other organic compounds, it can create harmful by-products. Drinking water with a high amount of bleach can cause skin irritation. If you ever notice that your tap water smells like bleach, undertake a mineral water project. If you are adding bleach to make water safe for drinking, know the right amount of bleach to be added.

If you ever notice any of the signs stated above, get in touch with Dewpure and install a mineral water plant in your property.

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